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A nice warm polish by RyanBrony765 A nice warm polish :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 6 0 CBQ Aeolus v2 by RyanBrony765 CBQ Aeolus v2 :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 7 14 Gaylene highballing by RyanBrony765 Gaylene highballing :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 8 1 Dimsburg Delta by RyanBrony765 Dimsburg Delta :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 7 6 USRA Light Mikado sprite by RyanBrony765 USRA Light Mikado sprite :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 9 0 Elliot in Indianapolis by RyanBrony765 Elliot in Indianapolis :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 10 5 Early Morning Mikado by RyanBrony765 Early Morning Mikado :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 7 5 Yreka's short freight by RyanBrony765 Yreka's short freight :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 8 3 The Munsee Chief by RyanBrony765 The Munsee Chief :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 5 0 Pennsville Scenic background characters 7 by RyanBrony765 Pennsville Scenic background characters 7 :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 8 4 Sam the Virginian Railway Blue Ridge (my cannon) by RyanBrony765 Sam the Virginian Railway Blue Ridge (my cannon) :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 9 1 Vinnie the Grand Trunk Western U4B (my cannon) by RyanBrony765 Vinnie the Grand Trunk Western U4B (my cannon) :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 9 11 EJ the Mikado by RyanBrony765 EJ the Mikado :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 12 3 Jonah Hex train sprite base by RyanBrony765 Jonah Hex train sprite base :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 7 0 Jonah Hex Matt by RyanBrony765 Jonah Hex Matt :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 8 14 Mullan Valley Tunnel by RyanBrony765 Mullan Valley Tunnel :iconryanbrony765:RyanBrony765 7 5


Unlikely Romance
Annette always felt more sophisticated and mature than her sisters. Danielle was such a tomboy and often joining Scamp in some adventures and Collette was just a plain old copycat. Or in this case, copydog. Annette felt isolated compared to her sisters, she wanted to be the pure bred, but she wasn't exactly. She mostly looked like her mother, a cocker spaniel, but had hints of schnauzer like her father known as The Tramp. Annette just wanted to be liked for who she was.
But no matter what, Annette couldn't please everybody. She was loved by some of Lady's girl dog friends like Peg, Perdita the Dalmatian, Georgette the poodle, or even the former junkyard dog known as Ruby. But, Annette just felt different. Scamp always thought of her as annoying, Angel wasn't sure what to make of her new sister-in-law, Jock and Trusty did love Annette, but she wasn't sure if they were sincere or just being polite.
Annette was in the backyard, lazily lying around, enjoying the time she had as being a pup
:iconperkygoth14:PerkyGoth14 1 2
Ted the ATSF B40-8W (Alternate Universe) by CaseyBNSFTrains Ted the ATSF B40-8W (Alternate Universe) :iconcaseybnsftrains:CaseyBNSFTrains 6 5
TOARY scrapped script 2: Peace and Quiet
TOARY scrapped episode 2: Peace & quiet.
Narrator: Do you know why whistles exist? To some, all they do is make noise, which is either loved or hated by some. However, they do serve a purpose. They are for safety, engines use them to warn people about their presence, which can be essential. Some people don’t know this, and only loathe the sound, as the manager learned so one morning.
Citizen 2: That’s right!
Manager: Jeez, can’t I get a break from all these salty people? *He steps outside* Silence! I’ll work something out! *We cut to a scene where the mayor is speaking to him*
Mayor: Due to the amount of citizen votes in this town sir, we have illegalized whistles. So you’ll have to tell your en
:iconicverano525da:Icverano525DA 1 7
Brighton yard by pauloddd2005 Brighton yard :iconpauloddd2005:pauloddd2005 6 0 1959 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando III by Brooklyn47 1959 Plymouth Fury Golden Commando III :iconbrooklyn47:Brooklyn47 9 1 Skyscrapers by CaseyBNSFTrains Skyscrapers :iconcaseybnsftrains:CaseyBNSFTrains 4 0 VRE Bi-level by CaseyBNSFTrains VRE Bi-level :iconcaseybnsftrains:CaseyBNSFTrains 5 0 An Unexpected Passing by PercyRosalina An Unexpected Passing :iconpercyrosalina:PercyRosalina 108 45 Little Tink's Expressiveness by MiscMischief48 Little Tink's Expressiveness :iconmiscmischief48:MiscMischief48 47 32 Smilin' Dodger. by MykieThomas Smilin' Dodger. :iconmykiethomas:MykieThomas 2 0 Bittern's Auxiliary Tender by Zephyr4501 Bittern's Auxiliary Tender :iconzephyr4501:Zephyr4501 10 2 Tinkerbell in CGI by MiscMischief48 Tinkerbell in CGI :iconmiscmischief48:MiscMischief48 74 43 USATC by Andrewk4 USATC :iconandrewk4:Andrewk4 6 0 Balto and Aniu moment by DanTheCrazy Balto and Aniu moment :icondanthecrazy:DanTheCrazy 10 89 Wake up, Daddy! by DanTheCrazy Wake up, Daddy! :icondanthecrazy:DanTheCrazy 11 166



A nice warm polish
A random scene involving India the NKP 2-8-2.

After a ferry move to Saint Marys, Pennsylvania, India gets herself polished up by her crew before she starts making several excursion trips on the branch line. Her crew has just started to polish her whistle as she simmers nicely in the yard. I'm sure she'll have a blast.

credit goes to :icondanielarkansanengine: :iconzephyr4501: and :iconcaseybnsftrains:
CBQ Aeolus v2
Another upgrade to one of my pal :iconzephyr4501:'s sprites, the CB&Q Aeolus! I honestly wished one of the surviving Hudsons from the CB&Q gets turned into the Aeolus one of these days. That way we'd have another streamliner that's still around today or so.

credit goes to :icondanielarkansanengine: and :iconzephyr4501:

modified by me.
PSRR old time coaches
These are the coaches Ginger and Bonnie pull on the Pennsville Scenic Railroad. These coaches are former Ryan Lines coaches which finished out their jobs in the Toon World where they were featured in many cartoons and movies. They were sold to the Pennsville Scenic when the railroad bought Gabriel and these coaches are still in use in tourist excursions.

base made by :icondanielarkansanengine:

Update: Added more cars and updated the lettering so you don't see the background in them.
 My favorite meme thanks to Battlefield 1!


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United States
My cutie: :iconpinkiepie123awesome:

Icon made by :icondan--phil-forever:

Profile icon made by Matt-Darkpaw of Furaffinity.…

i love drawing trains, animals and other stuff. i'm also autistic. any negative comments or such will be deleted. any copyrighted material included is reproduced without permission, but only serves for entertainment, parody and fair use. No commercial use is intended or carried out. understand?

Stories: most of my stories are fan made stories just for entertainment and fun. Mostly they involve romance, comedy, adventure, history lessons, trains, macro/micro, baby, and several other things I like. I do make my own stories based off of video games, movies, tv shows and rarely stuff that happens in real life. If you dislike the story or think it's gross or something, then don't put hatred comments or spams! I hate negative feedback. I'm not a huge fan of trolls. Anything that may sound offensive to do is not to be taken seriously at all. If it sounds offensive however, I will kindly modify it or take it down if you wish. I respect others.

check out my fanfiction account:…

Annette Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Colette Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Danielle Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Angel Fan Avatar by Aiyana-Kopa Lady Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Tramp Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Scamp Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Peg Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Series Rebecca Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Perdie Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Pongo Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Series Cadpig Fan Stamp by Aiyana-Kopa Copper - stamp by V1KA Rita - stamp by V1KA Oliver and Company: Dodger by AngelKittah Balto oo2 by HuskeeStamps Balto oo3 by HuskeeStamps Aleu Stamp by StampAG Charly Stamp by StampAG Star Stamp by StampAG I love Salukis by WishmasterAlchemist I love Afghan Hounds by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dalmatians by WishmasterAlchemist :101 Dalmatians: by Queen-Vegeta69 Oliver and Co fan STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruff Dixie - stamp by V1KA :thumb275005027: Sasha La Fleur stamp2 by Lora-Pedigree Annabelle stamp by Lora-Pedigree Vixey - stamp by V1KA Disney Copper and Chief Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp Angel by PallasAthene04 I love Kangaroos by WishmasterAlchemist US Steam Fan Stamp by engineer825 Support Female Railfans stamp by Lapeer American Steam Fan Stamp by FriscoWolf Autism Stamp by Gay-Mitchel-Theodore Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR Autism is a Gift by MOJAL Top Gear stamp by Bourbons3 Top Gear: Ambitious ... by rockstars How hard can it be? by rockstars 101 Dalmatians The Series Stamp by Dalmins :thumb363037216: ::Dodger stamp:: by SugarNoms Tramp Stamp... by mitchie-v He's A Tramp, But They Love Him by endler All Dogs Go to Heaven by genkistamps Dusty Stamp by StampAG Kodi Stamp by StampAG Freeman's Mind Stamp by Deathbymodding Freemans Mind by Jerepasaurus Ed, Edd n Eddy Stamp by Stay-Strong GTA V Stamp by horses27 Stooges Stamp by milquest Mr Bean stamp by HappyStamp Runaway Train 1985 by culdeefan4 Under Siege 2 Dark Territory 1995 by culdeefan4 Atomic Train 1999 by culdeefan4 Silver Streak 1976 by culdeefan4 Runaway 1973 by culdeefan4 The Milwaukee Road by culdeefan4 Pennsylvania Railroad by culdeefan4 GMOD is art. by SupaSoldier Sniper stamp by AzureReilight Team Fortress 2 Stamp by JourneytoRevenge Steam Stamp by badtrane BLU Team Stamp by SupaSoldier Civil Protection Stamp by GambitPrix Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sylvia and Wander Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudge Vanoss Gaming stamp. (New icon) by TailypoArtist I hate artblock!!!! by Trampire :thumb369571035: Vinnie the Canadian Engine Stamp by BlueEngineLiz6 Shane the Australian Engine Stamp by BlueEngineLiz6 Yong Bao the Chinese Engine Stamp by BlueEngineLiz6 Flying Scotsman Stamp by BlueEngineLiz6 Carlos the Mexican Engine Stamp by BlueEngineLiz6

RPs: RPStamp Roleplay by PharaohQueen I do macro, micro, babyfur, fantasy, fictional, love, anthro and baby. Don't send me a random note saying "I wanna rp" or something like that, please. I don't do gore, mouth vore, destruction, killing, harassment, digestion and blood.

RPStamp Roleplay Fantasy by PharaohQueen Most of my rps take place in fantasy places or in places that are similar to ones in video games, tv shows and movies.

RPStamp Roleplay Fandoms by PharaohQueen Sometimes I would ask if the rper would like to be a certain character from one of my favorite films or tv shows (mostly Disney or others like Balto or All Dogs go to Heaven). I rarely rp the certain character I love either as a macro or something.

RPStamp Roleplay Modern by PharaohQueen Since I'm not an expert on old time stuff except on a few stuff and since I'm use to modern day stuff, most of the rps I do are set in modern times.


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